I am really big into playlists for my moods and I can get stuck on a certain genre for long periods of time and miss some really good songs until much later. That being said, a friend of mine posted something similar on Facebook and then asked for song suggestions. So, I did the same and would like to spread it to here. The audience of this blog is much wider and hopefully reach more people than my FB page set to private.

Blogging community, what is one song you would recommend that I listen to? I only ask a couple of things;

  • Name specific songs, not artists.
  • It can be ANY genre of music
  • I would prefer songs without every other word to be swearing.
    • I have no problem with swearing, I just don’t like songs that have a string of curse words for no reason

Other than that, have fun and let the suggestions come pouring in. I will make a playlist and listen to EVERY song all the way through. Who knows, maybe I will find some new favorites. I will post the public youtube playlist when this has settled down.


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