Triggers – Used Clothes

This is an amazing site if you don’t care to buy used clothes for your kids or yourself (high school section). Personally, right now everything I send Dex to daycare in gets stains, so used is great. Lol Anyway, it is an online used clothing store. Schools collect clothes, then send them in. When the clothes are sold, a portion of the money goes back to the school to help support music and arts. They work on referrals (so this IS A REFERRAL LINK). If you choose to buy through my link, you will get a $15 dollar credit. If you make a new collection they will give you a $10 credit, and free shipping has been extended to today, so you can always give them a try for free! I’m giving them a shot! That’s $25 free to shop with and some are even getting a welcome email with 25% off your first order.

1. Click the referral link. At the top of the page click join/sign in
2. Click Register here next to the X on the pop-up (The $15 will show up at checkout)
3. Immediately go to the top and click collections, create new (I just called it summer clothes). You will see a message that you have been credited $10
4. Wait for your welcome email and possibly get an additional 25% off (make sure to add this at the end. If you make any changes to your cart after you add it, you will have to re-add the code for 25% off).

You can even use a prepaid CC with a $0 balance if you are worried, that’s what I did!

I decided to give them a try. Why not? It is free with the credit to try, and if they come back in bad shape, I’m not out anything and Dex can just play in them!


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