Right when I Needed it

This week has been a really tough week on me. So many things have hit me all at once, and many of them I honestly just don’t feel like talking about or even dealing with. But then this happened. I received and email from a former co-worker. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I wanted to share it with everyone here, because there are so many things we are doing, even just by blogging, that help so many others.

Hey there!

Our cleaning person just mentioned that she was a recipient of 2 Project Sweat Peas care packages last fall. Her son is almost 1. I asked if she knew you, she said the name sounded familiar. She also said to tell you THANKS!

I thought you should hear how appreciated your efforts in that area are. She said she was “grasping at frays” when she got the package and it was so comforting!

I’m so proud of you for taking something so heart wrenching and difficult and making a path to help others. You are truly a very special person!

Have a good weekend!


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