A gift

*may contain triggers*

I’m so excited for my friend, B. She finally has a court date for adoption of her foster daughter after 22 months with her! Baby A is B’s cousin’s biological daughter. She was called in the middle of the night 22 months ago and asked if they would like to foster her. Neither B, nor her husband, had any children or a foster license. They never had even considered it. B has suffered miscarriages and wanted children, but it just never happened for them. They couldn’t get pregnant. Then Baby A came along at only a week old. 

Next week is the court date and her Toddler Shower. I know that B LOVES a certain saying, so I made her a gift for the shower. I hope she likes it!! 

Adoption has become a huge part of my life and my friends’ lives. I have two close friends who have adopted. One from fostering, and one through (traditional? Not sure how to put this. Maybe someone can educate me here) adoption. I have an adopted niece, and two foster to adoption cousins. Plus numerous blog friends who have adopted through various ways. It feels like maybe God is pulling my heart toward adoption of some sort! 

We were watching as how the other night about a young couple who were going to have an abortion. James looks up and says, ‘Too bad we can’t give them our address.’ He was serious. 

‘Do you really mean that?’

‘Yes I do. If we had the money, I’d say let’s adopted in a couple of months.’

It made me happy to hear that. I did have to explain that adoption can take years and tens of thousands of dollars, classes, home inspections and visits, etc, but still… To know he’d be ok with it makes me happy. 

Sorry for the tangent. I originally just wanted to show the gift and celebrate Baby A, but my mind wandered! Lol


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