Leaving FB for a bit..

Yesterday, after two major run-to-the-bathroom-and-sob-in-the-stall meltdowns, I decided to leave Facebook behind for awhile. 


Two things happened. 

I’m fully pro-vax (pretty obvious) but one of the pro-vax sites I follow posted pictures of baby coffins with something similar to, you are killing your child by not vaxing them. 

While, I think parents that don’t vax are making a mistake and could potentially put them in danger, I do not support that kind of fear bullshit. While they may be misinformed about their decisions, they believe they are making the right decision. 

If you want to work to put things right, don’t do shit like that. It only pushes them farther away. If it was just that, I’d probably be ok. 

But then this afternoon no less than 5 of my friends keep reposting the dead Syrian toddler pictures on Facebook. One looked just like Dex lying there on the beach and I completely broke down and lost my shit at work. 

Fear-mongering and posting pictures of dead children is NOT the way to change peoples minds. Even when done with good intentions. Even when it is a problem. Have more respect for the dead. 

This was not pictures lovingly posted by the parents or family members to remember their children. It was news stations. Click-bait. In your face, ‘See!! look! This is what happens when we don’t open up our borders’ kind of stuff. 

Don’t use pictures of dead toddlers washed up on shore to get your point across, please. Maybe that is what is needed for some, but for people like me it kills me. It tears my heart out and sends me into a panic. 

I didn’t sleep plast night. I couldn’t. I stayed awake watching Dex breathe. Making sure he breathed and didn’t stop. I cut up his food into tiny little pieces, didn’t let him play in his clubhouse slide in fear that he would fall and die. 

I was ok before. I let him play, I slept. Now, that has changed yet once again. 

 — sorry for the rant. I just can’t deal with it right now I guess. So, FB is gone for now. ❤


2 thoughts on “Leaving FB for a bit..

  1. Sorry its been tough seeing the pictures. I seem to have avoided seeing the most harrowing ones as I was on holiday so hadn’t really been on fb or seen the news. I feel for the little boys father having to deal with the loss of his entire family. These pictures were taken to shake peoples lethagy to this crisis. You, like me react to these sorts of things differently as you have already lost two of your precious children and it brings back all those emotions you had to endure three years ago this December. Big hugs xx

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