Because I need to..

If you are easily offended, stop reading here because I need this. I need to do this. 

This is the only place I can be vague and express what I need and not feel judged or get a million messages asking me, ‘What’s wrong??!?’ 

Stop. Just stop. F*ck you. Stop F*cking speaking for everyone. Stop acting like you know how everyone feels and you know better than everyone.

I would be willing to bet over 75% of those you are ‘speaking for’ don’t agree with you. I sure as hell don’t agree. If that is what YOU want, good, advocate for it. But don’t claim that is what everyone wants. It’s just isn’t true. 

Advocate for yourself. For what you want and need. Don’t claim it is what everyone wants because then people that don’t understand are misinformed. 

Ok. Rant over. Feel free to ignore this. I just needed to get that out. *sigh* 


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