Hell Week

**Contains Triggers**

This week has been hell for the last 3 years, but this year it decided to raise the bar a couple of notches
The 9th marked 3 years since my little girls were born.

The 10th marked 3 years since Willow died

Now, on the 10th we also had to put our dog, Cortana, down. We got Cortana as a rescue during my cycle for the girls as a gift for them.

Just minutes ago, on the 14th we had to put Valentine, our cat, down. We’ve had her for nearly 9 years.

On the 17th it will mark 3 years since Hazel died.

I really just don’t feel like I can take much more. I’m sitting here crying in bed while my husband was at the emergency vet. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.
I can’t stop crying while staying up with Dex who is really congested with a bad cold. I’m feeling at a horrible low point.
While both pets were ours, and I’ve cried and cried over them, I feel horrible and don’t know what to do for my husband.
Valentine was my husband’s first cat when we were dating. She wasn’t our first cat together, but Valentine was ‘his’ cat and Cortana was ‘his’ dog. I don’t know how to comfort him while I’m grieving too.
My heart can’t take much more this week, this year, or this lifetime…..
Struggling with infertility and childloss, your pets become your fur-babies. They comfort you in ways humans cannot. They are there without the need to say words that unknowingly hurt, and show nothing but companionship and love.

Pet leave silent footprints on our hearts…


2 thoughts on “Hell Week

    • Thank you. My husband and I always call them our original babies. For 7 years we thought all we would have is fur-babies, so they became our kids too. Sisters and brothers to our living son.

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