An unexpected visit

Contains triggers/MENTS

This last week has been hectic. We were supposed to stay in a cabin in Gatlinburg for vacation coming up. That’s where we said our final Goodgye to the girls years ago (if anyone still follows this blog that remembers).  So, it was heartbreaking to see the news this past week. Not only for what TN is going through, but nknowing some key memory landmarks are destroyed. The girls’ 4th birthday would be the 9th, and things just started to collapse around me. 

Last night my husband wanted to cheer me up so he took pictures of our rainbow being a goofball by our Christmas tree and texted them to me. I posted the picture to Facebook and was looking at it….. 

Then, I started to shake uncontrollably and sob

My husband and rainbow ran to me. I could get the words out, I could just point. 

My husband’s face turned white and he said, “Is that…?”

I started nodding my head like an idiot. 

“Yes! Yes, it is! It’s them!”

You see, plain as day in the picture on the wall behind our rainbow were two little faces side by side. One a little easier to see than the other, but both there. 

Willow & Hazel showed up for the first time. They knew I needed them, and they wanted me to know that no matter where we are, they are there. The place doesn’t matter. 

A true Christmas Miracle. 

Willow’s ultrasound picture from the last few days pregnant with them. It’s one of those images that always sticks with me about my girls. 

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